Trans:plant displays an allegory  of "culture" which opens up a field to reflect on "care" for the land and mind. We like to seek in vegetal systems and idioms an inspiration for reconsidering our modes of  expression and ways of  acting. There are movement practices that have the potential to reengage form, content, and spectatorship into a wider conception of "here and now". Choreography is  an act of transplantation in the plurality of the self . Choreography  is also the intimate and social organisation of our civic capacity. 

from March to August 2019

Concept/ performance : Émilia Giudicelli & Grégoire Paultre Negel

Music : Grégoire Paultre Negel Choreography : Émilia Giudicelli

Stage Design/ light design : Theres Indermaur

Fanzines : Paloma Ayala

Fermentation : Maya Minder (Sonmas)

Advice : Nina Mühlemann

Company management : Sarah Schoch

Diffusion : Thomas Péronnet

Production : Femto Practice

Co-production : Gessnerallee Theaterhaus Zürich, Frascati Theater Amsterdam Funding : Stadt Kultur Zürich, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Anne-Marie Schindler Stiftung

Residencies Roxy Theater Birsfelden, Vevey Dansomètre