January 19th - 20th, 2018

@  Südbühne Gessnerallee Zürich



The slowness and the sensation of “place” seemed derived from the vegetal – it has provided a landing surface for each one’s “self” as becoming fully personal territory -from the vegetal emerges an indigeneity that reflects on a relation to wilderness – to be born there and reborn here makes sense as rediscovery of the self.


When “doing” becomes the capacity of thinking with a wider organ – while the “thinking thread” in the stadium of a vegetal life cycle is the time for a seed to germinate – see the ways our speech will engage – this vegetal capacity being a mode of resistance in the anthropocene.

Guest : Alain Tauch

with Nina Willimann, Paloma Ayala, Simon Fleury, Benji Surnajo, Maya Minder, Samuel Fried, Jessica Huber,Ceylan Oztruk, Grégoire Paultre Negel, Émilia Giudicelli