Trans:plant Y invites Dénètem Touam Bona


February 15th, 2018

Lyannaj, a vegetal politic 

between maroons and forests 

via Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, via Guyana and Brazil

a rhizomic wisdom and fractal perspectives

The event with Dénètem Touam Bona in Helmhaus Museum functionned as a hinge between the exhibition "No Time"  and the exhibition "refaire le monde * POSITION”. Dénètem Touam Bona has taught philosophy on the island of Mayotte and teaches today in Guyana. His work investigates the Maroons in Brazil and further, and the history of France-Afrique. He regularly collaborates with magazines such as Africultures and Outis, and has written the book Fugitif, Où cours-tu? Under the title "Lyannaj - a plant politic”, he introduces us to his reflections on the motif of the liana: "Can this plant weaving the jungle show us how we can see the present differently - can it even help us to redesign the world in the end? The interview will be held in French, with translation into German by Ariane Gigon.